How do you pronounce your names? I mean, seriously one is almost completely vowels!!

Hey – Thanks for asking. We have some of those Irish names that are easy to say but hard to figure out if your looking at the spelling. The one with all the vowels – Aoifa – is pronounced like Eva but put an F where the V is. Simple! Grainne is not, according to popular belief, pronounced “Granny” – but rather Grah-nee-ah. Yay for Irish names!


I love your logo! Do you have any merchandise for purchase?

Do not despair fellow Nerds! Merch is coming soon. We are in the process of finding the best products for the best prices so we can pass these savings on to you. I’m sure there will be a post about it all over our social media and here on NerdyOnTheOutside.com with the appropriate amount of hoopla when we have it ready to go!